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Conflict Lounge

60 minutes

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We frequently respond to conflict constructively and effectively, but when the responses become destructive, ineffective conflict coaching seeks to support a return to constructive and effective responses to the conflict.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to the conflict”. Dorothy Thompson

What is a conflict lounge? 

Conflict lounge is a simple and easily available tool that helps you see the conflict/ problem from a different perspective. You can express and ventilate all your thoughts without judgment to find the best solution for you.

Why conflict lounge? 

Conflict lounge session supports independence and self-responsibility, improved confidence and self-esteem. It helps to discuss and reflect on the issues you are experiencing to understand your responses and yourself better.  This confidential, client-led process can help you to create new and more effective responses to your situation. 

​Conflict Lounge is for YOU 

  • if you are experiencing difficulties due to an unresolved dispute, a complaint, 

  • a relationship breakdown, 

  • anger management issues, 

  • bullying experiences, or other difficult situations you are involved in. 

The difficulty could be at work, within the family, in the neighbourhood, anywhere.

When can Conflict Lounge help?

  • Prepare yourself for a meeting with your supervisor or colleague where you have concerns about how the meeting will go and respond.

  • Developing and improving your communication skills and ability to respond to a conflict more effectively

  • Developing your management and leadership skills using assertive communication and responding to conflict in ways that support teamwork, effectiveness and greater productivity among those you work with.

  • Understand more about yourself and how you presently manage difficult situations and improve for future such cases. 

  • Develop more self-support, assertive ways of dealing with issues. 

  • Situations where you are accused of bullying- workplace conflict coach session provides an opportunity to reflect on a different way of fulfilling your role without your action being perceived as bullying.​


The CAOS Model provides a consistent and rigorous philosophical and practical framework Conflict Coaches use as their benchmark for practice without becoming bogged down in 'academic theory' which, by definition, deals with abstract concepts rather than practical application.  

The approach that CAOS- MODEL discipline is based on 6 Underlying Philosophies:

  •  ​Ownership

  • Supporting

  • Empowerment

  • Impartiality

  • Confidentiality 

  • A No-blame

  • ApproachAn 'Adult-Adult' relationship with participants in the process not a 'Parent-Child' relationship


Each conflict lounge session 60 mins Conflict coaching is provided through 1-3 meetings usually. Maximum 3 session 

PlatformOnline: ZOOM, Skype, MS Teams or Offline  

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