Reality Check

“ The higher you get in an organization, the less feedback you receive, and the more likely you are to” come to the work naked” or make another error that’s obvious to everyone but not you.” 

Reed Hastings Netflix co-founder and CEO

Reality Check is a simple and easy way to determine what’s going on in your organisation and how it’s functional daily.

What if you have this reality check in your hands?

  1. You have a clear idea of your organisational culture

  2. You know what’s going well and what you can do to strengthen further 

  3. You’ll be able to set clear priorities for yourself and to explain this clearly to the organisation.

In a Meeting
Team Talk

​How does Reality Check work?


Using an extensive checklist and several interviews,

I put together a slide deck with an overview of what is going well, advice on tasks or skills that should improve. All this is based on the unique situation of your company and the phase it is in.

It’s easy and straightforward can be.

Details of the program ​

  • Discovery discussion (90 mins )

  • Interviews 10 people (10X 60 mins)

  • You get a report of your organisational culture reality with 3-4 improvement suggestions.

  • Reflection discussion with you (90 mins)

  • Length maximum two months

Are you ready to check your organization reality?