My first e-book is an ombuds toolkit

I can't believe, that today I published my first e-book in Hungarian.

I was writing, putting together all summer and today, I see the result.

What is it about?

The topic -of course- is organisational ombuds!

It is not just an e-book with 61 pages. It's more like a guide with samples, a welcome letter, and questions for companies who like to create an ombuds program or already have it and just want to improve.

Summary of the Ombuds toolkit

1. Introduction of ombuds function, program and office.

1.1. Origin of the ombudsman

1.1.1. Evolution of organizational ombuds internationally and in Hungary

1.1.2. Types of ombuds

1.2. General description of ombuds function with 4 principles

1.3. Why is an organizational ombuds?

1.4. Questions before implementing an ombuds program

2. Contract of Ombuds service

2.1. Draft contract based on Hungarian law

2.2. Confidentially statement

3. Implement an ombuds program

3.1. Steps of implementing the program

3.2. Chapter of an ombuds office – IOA sample-

3.3. General description of ombuds role with skills, education requirements

3.4. The ombudsperson tasks and responsibility - Sample

3.5. Marketing plan and material – Sample

3.6. Draft of welcoming email

3.7. Intake form – Sample

4. Follow up

4.1. Data gathering questions

4.2. Adding value and being effective questions

4.3. Self-reflection questions

The ombuds toolkit is available only in Hungarian.

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