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Intercultural awareness workshop


The intercultural awareness workshop is a learning opportunity to understand and appreciate cultural differences. 

The workshop aims to help participants develop intercultural competence, which refers to the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people from different cultural backgrounds.

The workshop is designed based on the book Cultural Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business a book by Erin Meyer that explores how cultural differences can impact communication and decision-making in the global business world.

What are the learning outcomes of the workshop?


Develop self-awareness of one's own cultural biases and assumptions



Reflect on one's own cultural background and how it influences one's worldview approach to work


Improve cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills through practice and feedback


Apply the concepts and strategies learned in the workshop to real-world cross-cultural situations


Identify strategies for managing cultural differences in a global business setting

Case Study

Case studies or examples from the book to illustrate the cultural differences

Who is the workshop for?


  • Business professionals who work in a global context and want to improve their cross-cultural communication and decision-making skills

  • Teams or organizations who work with partners from different cultures

  • Students studying business, international relations, or a related field

  • Educators or trainers who work with international students or professionals

  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about cultural differences and how they can affect communication and business relationships.

  • Price based on the group size

  • Material customized graphs with the top 3 differences among cultures. 

  • The workshop may be conducted in various settings including in-person* or online 

  • Group size 6 -10 participants

  • Duration 120 minutes (based on the group size)

Blog Posts

The Culture Map book is based on research and includes case studies and examples from a variety of countries and industries.

*travel cost and workshop location excluded from the price

Are you interested in it?

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