About Us

We help to build better people systems, maximizing your organisation’s potential, and increasing efficiency by improving relationships, communication, procedures, and systems.

Our Story

Hello, I'm Diana Mosonyi the founder and owner of HarmoniKon. 

I'm a sociologist and economist with a leadership and management master degree. 

Our story began in the USA in 2017, studying conflict resolution, mediation and organisational development and ombuds skill from top-calibre professionals. Our business started in Hungary, where among other accomplishments, we founded the first Hungarian Organisational Ombuds Association in 2019.

In 2021, following successful growth, we expanded our services to the Netherlands where we continue to work implementing new ombuds programs and to provide our organisational coaching and ombuds services.

I am a member and practitioner adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of The International Ombudsman Association (IOA)

Harmonikon is dedicated to creating workplace harmony by providing an embedded organisational ombuds capability.


To create harmony in the organisation so that everyone feels safe to share ideas, concerns, questions, and mistakes.


We maximize employee loyalty and satisfaction, enabling organisations to deliver high performance and achieve success based on individual empowerment and psychological safety.


To establish highly effective internal ombuds services within organisations, regardless of size working to internationally accepted standards of practice and ethics.

We believe in the power of constructive problem-solving and positive working cultures.

Our Mission, Vision, Goal

We do 

  • Create a safe place for you to speak up and express your thoughts

  • Assist in finding the root of the problem

  • Create harmonious conflict

  • Show new perspectives

  • Encourage your improvement 

  • Be creative

We don't

  • Don't judge you 

  • Don't decide for you

  • Don't provide legal advice 

  • Don't provide psychological counselling 

When we work together

Why work with us?

to find harmony in conflict and chaos
to discover different perspectives

to explore new options

to find the root of the problem

to feel to be heard without any judgement

to reflect on your issues

to become a better version of you

to regain control of your life

Important values you will find in our work

Trust, Safe place, Harmony, Creativity, New perspective
Courage, Responsibility, Ownership, Boundaries, 

Speak up, Non-judgment 

Are you ready to start working with us?

Why us?


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