Meet Diana

Ombuds & Conflict Coach & Mediator

It's not about you! 

Everyone can have a bad day.

My vision

I assist in feeling secure in conflict.


I work with individuals to feel comfortable in a disagreement and conflict situation, to resolve their conflict positively.
Happiness is not about luck but making dreams possible.

Success starts with holding your ownership.

I assist companies to have a constructive feedback culture without information lost to create trust.

Let your employees be themself to deliver a high-performance environment. 

I facilitate and mediate groups to collaborate effectively.

My mission

  • creating trust-based work relations with clear, open communication and constructive feedback,

  • filling empty words with actions,

  • providing creative options 

  • complete each other to create the whole
    "If you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go father go together"

  • providing a non-judgmental safe place 

I'm here for YOU

HarmoniKon - harmonised conflict 


My story

My birth country is Hungary. During my youth I was a conflict-avoider influenced by my environment. However, due to those experiences I became a Conflict Resolution Specialist and learned how to create harmonised conflict, speak up and stand for myself without any negative consequences. It wasn't easy, but it's possible. I'm here to assist you or your company in this journey.

My home is the Netherlands, however, I work worldwide on 

location or remotely.

I'm a sociologist and economist with a leadership and management master degree.

My mediation and organisational ombuds skills were put into practice in the USA (California & New Mexico). 

Would you like to know more about my education?
My resume is here

My work experiences

I believe that travelling broadens our horizons.  

Therefore,  I lived in the UK,  in the USA and now in the Netherlands. 

Before becoming a Conflict Resolution Specialist, I worked for over seven years in the corporate sector as an employee. During these years, I witnessed both high-performance and non-trusted unhealthy organisation cultures. 

I always wanted that my job would be my passion.
My passion is to create harmonised conflict
for individuals and on company level as well.  

As a Conflict Resolution Specialist I: 

  • mediated in workplace conflicts between two parties in the USA and Hungary.

  • taught organisational mediation model and gave conflict resolution workshops.

  • supported leaders with the "360 leadership tool" to become people-oriented transformative leaders

  • was Ombuds for the Digra community until July of 2021.

  • I'm a founder and the President of the Hungarian Ombuds Association since 2019. 

  •  teach the organisational ombuds model. 

My clients were medium and big sized European, American and Canadian companies.


My resume is here to check out.

Ready to solve your conflict in a harmonious way?

I do 

  • Create a safe place for you to speak up and express your thoughts

  • Assist in finding the root of the problem

  • Create harmonious conflict

  • Show new perspectives

  • Encourage your improvement 

  • Be creative

I don't

  • Don't judge you 

  • Don't decide for you

  • Don't provide legal advice 

  • Don't provide psychological counselling 

When we work together

Why work with me?

to find harmony in conflict and chaos
to discover different perspectives

to explore new options

to find the root of the problem

to feel to be heard without any judgement

to reflect on your issues

to become a better version of you

to regain control of your life

Important values you will find in our work

Trust, Safe place, Harmony, Creativity, New perspective
Courage, Responsibility, 
Ownership, Boundaries, 

Speak up, Non-judgment 

Are you ready to start working with me?