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Hello and Welcome to Harmonikon

I'm glad you're here.

My name is Diana Vermeul

About me

I serve as a trusted resource to inform critical and complex decision-making for a lasting and positive impact. 

My aim is to ensure that every employee feels respected and valued in the workplace.



At Harmonikon, I strive to cultivate a work environment that is both positive and ethical. I offer confidential and informal problem-solving services, as well as impartial and independent guidance.

How do we work together?


Workshop & Training


Organisational Ombuds Service


Peer-to-peer respcetful program


Conflict Lounge


About US

IOA Board Director

It's our honour to share that I serve the International Ombuds Association 

The leadership of IOA consists of a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership, Committees and Task Forces composed of volunteer members with chairs appointed by the Board, and other strategic IOA initiatives comprised of member volunteers who have expertise and passion for specific areas of practice.

Ombuds Training

The first Ombuds Foundation training will start at the end of February of 2021 in Hungary.  

The aim of the interactive course is to get acquainted with the informal systematic conflict management methodology.  
It is beneficial for those interested in preventing, managing, and resolving conflict in their organization, whether mediators, coaches, HR people, or managers.

Ombuds Toolkit

The first Hungarian guidebook that helps and supports to establishment and operation of both the already started and the newly ombuds activities and functions.

Ombuds day

The Ombuds Day worldwide celebration serves as a unique opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the ombuds profession.

What people say

“We asked the Harmonikon team to explore and resolve long-standing and deepening problems within the organisational unit. With complete confidentiality, the result of the professional issues and the dissolved environment, colleagues opened up in a short time, so they were able to communicate with each other entirely honestly and effectively, quickly reaching the root of the problems. I was finally able to say things that I have been silenced for a long time. It was a liberating feeling."


Are you ready to create a positive and respectful workplace
to your employees?

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